All of our practitioners regularly attend continuing education courses to stay up to date with the dynamic world of dental materials and techniques. All are members of the New Zealand Dental Association, maintaining peer contact and are registered with the New Zealand Dental Council.

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We are aware of the ever increasing costs of dental services and encourage you to discuss all the options available to you so that you may make an informed decision regarding your teeth and gums.

Our commitment

is to provide quality dentistry.


environment for all our patients.

We are all members

of the NZ Dental Council.

Technology advances

mean more choices.

Our Services

Minor Oral Surgery

From simple extractions to surgical removal of roots, apicectomies and gingivectomies, the team at Clive Square Dental are available to get the job done with as little discomfort as possible.

Same Day Crowns

It used to be that you had to wait 2 weeks for a technician to have a crown constructed and then another appointment to fit it.


If you have bleeding gums, bad breath or mobile teeth you could have gum disease. Smokers are particularly at risk.  A regular Hygienist clean will help prevent gum disease and do wonders for your overall health.


Old dentures a little loose? Looking a little ragged? Need a new set? The team at Clive Square Dental can provide you with what you need.


You do not have to travel away to get quality cosmetic dentistry. Right here in the Bay you can have crowns, veneers and implants to correct your smile.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an unfortunate but necessary treatment when damage to the tooth causes the tooth to die.

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Practice hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:00. Alternate times can be pre arranged. There is usually someone at the practice from 8:00 AM. See the contacts tab to get in touch with us.
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