Old dentures a little loose? Looking a little ragged? Need a new set? The team at Clive Square Dental can provide you with what you need. You can have your teeth out and dentures in immediately, or alternatively wait and have them made after everything has healed. Talk to the dentists about what is best for you. Usually it can be timed around what is happening in your life

There are now a number of options you can choose in terms of partial dentures. The traditional rigid plastic denture still has its place in dentistry but now there are smaller flexible dentures called valplasts that can often be much more comfortable to wear as they do not cover the entire top of the mouth. They are also a bit more aesthetic as they do not utilise metal clasps that often can be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to get a dental certificate.  This is a requirement established by the NZ Dental Council.

Your mouth, just like every part of you, changes with time.  A denture is rigid and apart from some wear it does not change with time.  For this reason it can become ill-fitting and rub. We recommend you review the denture with your dentist regularly and consider replacing after 5-10 years.
Not really.  Obviously they need to be cleaned regularly and any teeth remaining especially.  “First preserve what remains before replacing what is lost” is the dental school mantra! Taking the denture out at night means the gums have a chance to breathe and you are reducing the risk of opportunistic infections like thrush.
It’s like riding a bike. You wouldn’t go out straight away and tackle a steak or orate a speech to the masses but with practice you will get there. They feel very foreign at first but soon become a part of you with a little patience and persistence.

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